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Myrdith Leon-McCormack



Myrdith Leon-McCormack’s work in the fashion and beauty industries has led her to become one of the most sought after talents in these respective fields. Over the course of the past 3 decades, she has secured her place as a celebrated professional in the industry for wearing a variety of hats from a Huffington Post contributor and PR/Brand Marketing Specialist to celebrity manicurist, bridal, and nail salon owner.


While managing her PR and Branding firm,  MLM Represents, Leon-McCormack's everlasting commitment to inclusion and diversity ultimately led her to founding and publishing the internationally-renowned multicultural publication, World Bride Magazine.  Myrdith and her team represent some of the industry's most respected clientele by creating innovative strategies to efficiently connect consumers and brands to the world’s most respected professionals in business, luxury fashion, bridal, and lifestyle industries.


Although Myrdith’s influential Rolodex is a reflection of her unwavering tenacity and passion to her client’s unique business strategies and services, Leon-McCormack's attributes her success to the dedication required to always creating the platform for equality with everything she seeks to accomplish both personally and professionally - “there must be a commitment to unity amongst all the races with mutual respect and understanding.” 

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