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“Jocelyn is just the best there is in her field; you can't go wrong here!”


David Bradley
Global Head of Industrials at Jefferies & Company


“Jocelyn is the strategist, hunter and champion of incredible on brand delivery. She has strong network in the luxury space and can create experiential, sales and Brand PR programs to send corporate and consumer brands into the stratosphere of best in class delivery and sales performance. A connector and a consummate out of the box professional is what I found when I recommended her hire at VIVMag / Zinio and I saw the immediate benefits to the brand before she got behind her desk. We both exited the company as a result of a pending sale and then shut down of the brand, however, we managed the levels it reached during Jocelyn's tenure which were not possible before her arrival.”


Adrienne Wallace
Global Brand Marketing Executive and Source Management Strategist


“Jocelyn is the consummate professional with a strong knowledge of brand management and a proficiency in the publishing and media industries. Jocelyn also brings a level of salesmanship that promises to deliver on the desired outcome and results every time. I have enjoyed working with Jocelyn as a strategic partner and because of the competencies she brings to the table. I look forward to working with her again the future and recommend her for organizations seeking an expert brand manager.”

Kevin McFall
Groundbreaking Aspiring GM

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