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Jocelyn with Bugatti and Bentley Motor executives attending the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance in Monterey County, CA

Public Relations


The main goals of our public relations strategy is to create, maintain, and protect an individual or organization’s reputation, enhance their prestige and present a favorable image. Consumers often base their purchase decisions on a company’s reputation.  Therefore, an effective public relations strategy can have a favorable impact on your brand’s overall perception, sales and revenue share.


JRT Multimedia will incorporate a PR platform as an effective part of your company’s overall branding and marketing initiatives by delivering the following services:

• Plan special events and community involvement

• Conduct market research

• Write and distribute PR pitches

• Book interviews (i.e., radio, TV and magazines) and press junkets

• Leverage all relationships from the JRT Multimedia portfolio of              services

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