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These social happenings will place you amongst some of the biggest stars, hottest brands and in the most unique venues in the world. 

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The South Padre Island Jazz & Latin Music Festival also known as "SPI Jazz" is a planned 

4-day music festival annually held on South Padre Island, Texas during the Labor Day Weekend. (US Based Holiday) 


The festival is set for execution within a tropical atmosphere with both the destination and talent super hot with temperatures averaging high 80's.


The event will feature international and national artists encompassing a wide range of musical performers highlighting both Jazz and Latin Music with a dash of Neo-Soul and Spoken-Word to round out the Jazz and R&B genre.


Dream a little dream with me!

​Every summer for the last twenty or so years a truly life-changing event has taken place that celebrates "life well lived"  by providing people of color the opportunity to engage their adventurous spirit by island-hopping on their own private yacht and sailing the British Virgin Islands.

That groundbreaking event was called the BLACK BOATERS SUMMIT "BBS" created by two sailing advocates -- Paul "Cap'n Paul" Mixon and William "Bill" Pinkney in. In 1997, BBS took its maiden voyage with one boat and eight people. In 2008 the event brought together 126 people (most who don’t sail and many who don’t swim) on a 16- boat flotilla, captained by African American men and women.

Welcome to the BVI Voyage; a re-brand of the long-running yachting adventure series, the Black Boaters Summit. The re-brand will be operated by your "Purveyor of Posh!" -- Boss Productions as we set sail for the British Virgin Islands in luxurious style aboard your very own private yacht.


Prepare for another one of Boss Productions' "Lux Life" Experiences as you celebrate a "Life Well Lived!"

The FLY Society presents...



It's the holiday season and The FLY Society makes it Houston debut in grand fashion so... CHANGE CLOTHES and go!!! 



Your "Purveyor of Posh!" -- Boss Productions extends their legendary "H2O" Event Series with the announcement of "LIVE BOSS in BIMINI" Weekend set for Memorial Day Weekend "2021"


This exclusive series of water related events and activities is headed to the Bahamas and the beautiful island of Bimini.


Miami -- with its rich culture and endless waterways will provide the perfect pre-event setting for an exclusive weekend filled with sun, sand and sea. 


Can you feel the flow?



Water its essential for all life!

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